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HA !!! Somebody listened !

I have been emailing several sources recently about developing software or an “app” for a smartphone that could assist us, as transporters, in locating and retrieving vehicles at the auto auctions we all work in and out of at times. The responses, for the most part, were not positive. I could foresee an app for the Droid platform (or the iPhone) that could be accessed to provide accurate, up-to-date locations of the individual vehicles on the auction grounds. This week, I discover there is no need for such an app…the software is already in operation. I knew it was being utilized by the Manheim auctions for some time but ADESA just recently integrated this for some of their locations. I know the Manville, NJ site and the Plainfield, IN sale have this tracking capability in operation.

This past week I was able to speak with the proper folks that made me aware of exactly how it works and who is responsible for the software. That would be If you visit the site, you can see demonstrations and read about the services they offer to ADESA and possibly others. AuctionTrac claims that their Basic Package offers “each Vehicle on the property will be located to within approximately 20 feet“. That’s great for the auction management and employees but it’s not very beneficial to transporters and others working the logistical end of the buying/selling process.

Well, today is your lucky day. See what you get for free?  Just for visiting my little “blambling” blog? Next time you get dispatched to the ADESA sale in Manville, go to this link on your smartphone’s browser or from your laptop:

In the Vehicle Find criteria block, enter the last 6 of the VIN from your gate release and Voila’…you will be shown the last scanned location of the vehicle in question. There is also a link to a map that will display the car’s position on the lot…satellite image and as recent as the last scan. I have found this system to be fairly dependable with only one discrepancy so far. And that instance was probably due to an employee (or driver?) using the vehicle for an unauthorized shuttle.

Apparently AuctionTrac develops a separate website for each ADESA location and it seems they also have a part in at least some, if not all, Manheim locations. For example, the Manheim Dallas Auto Auction site for vehicle tracking is:

I have a request in for other auction URL’s and will post when I get updates. Keep in mind, not all locations allow this access from outside sources. I asked the nice folks at the Manheim, PA auction and was told the tracking info required a log-in. Maybe the future will bring more locations allowing access for these tracking services.

Finally, huh? 🙂  Truck safe, Driver !





March 30, 2011 Posted by | ADESA, Auto Auctions, Car Haul, General Auto Transport, Manheim Auto Auctions | 2 Comments