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Declining interest in cars or financial squeeze?

Car haulers and brokers might be wise to prepare for a lessening national motor pool, according to a study released in January by the Earth Policy Institute (EPI). The number of cars scrapped exceeded new car sales in 2009 for the first time since World War II, reducing the United States vehicle fleet from the all-time high of 250 million to 246 million. “It now appears that this new trend of scrappage exceeding sales could continue through at least 2020,” says EPI President Lester R. Brown. “America’s century-old love affair with the automobile may be coming to an end,” he observes. “The U.S. fleet has apparently peaked and started to decline.” Last year the 14 million cars scrapped rose above the 10 million new cars sold, reducing the fleet by 4 million, or nearly 2 percent, since 2008’s levels. “While this is widely associated with the recession, it is in fact caused by several converging forces,” Brown reports.

Among the trends keeping sales well below the annual figure of 15 million to 17 million that prevailed from 1994 through 2007 are market saturation, ongoing urbanization, economic uncertainty, oil insecurity, rising gasoline prices, frustration with traffic congestion, mounting concerns about climate change, and a declining interest in cars among young people, according to the study.


February 15, 2010 - Posted by | General Auto Transport


  1. Interesting… but I think Cash for Clunkers may have diverted many cars to the scrap yard that would have ordinarily gone to auction. On top of the “normal” quantity of cars being scrapped, you had this wave of vehicles created by the government’s stimulus. My guess is that this program artificially jacked up the scrap numbers. Proof of this would be a flipping of new car vs. scrap figures in 2010 and beyond.

    Comment by steve | February 16, 2010 | Reply

  2. Carl I must say that is one awsome looking truck, i only hope and wish that when i get into the business that i can have a fleet(3 or 4)of trucks as good looking as yours. im so glad that you have started this blog because it is very hard to get any kind of insight on this business due to lack of o=info on the internet. I myself work at one of the manheims down in atlanta and often visit the other and adesa and i juust love to see a nice clean peterbilt come in to pick up a load of cars, and as i see him leave i cant wait till the day that i can do the same. I love this blog and wish that you will continue to update it THANKS!

    Comment by trell | August 3, 2010 | Reply

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