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…if there existed a central database for locals that offer car pulling services at the many auto auction facilities across the country?

Today, running a regular, consistent route, I have my own limited resources of trusted folks for chasing purchased autos in the auctions I currently service. It’s fairly easy to keep up with a couple. However, several years ago, I might visit the Riverside auction in the Los Angeles area on Thursday then an auction in Texas on Friday and be in Manheim, PA a day or so later. When running an irregular route, a car hauler could hit a lot of unfamiliar sites. Yes, it would be very beneficial to be able to dial up a car pulling service and have your load sitting staged for your arrival.

Many of the larger Manheim auctions have recognized the huge, time-consuming task of gathering sold units for transport and make available shuttle vans to aid drivers. Even with the vans, it can still take a lot of precious time just to gather a load of 9 or 10 cars. If you’ve been around this business for any amount of time as a driver or truck operator, you already know it can take multiple hours of your 14 hour daily work allowance just finding the units, inspecting them, documenting the VINs and passing security…then the job of loading and securing them to their tables begins. Oh….dead, won’t start units? Lost cars sometimes resemble needles in a haystack and a single misplaced unit can be responsible for several hours delay time (on duty, not driving time). When the skids are slid in, you’ve wasted a great portion of your allotted work hours and don’t have the driving hours left to get the job done and make a happy customer back at the dealership.

If a centralized database of contact info for dependable car pullers were available to the individual and fleet operators, imagine the man hours that could be saved then applied to the driver’s daily duty status…not to mention a much safer, rested operator on our nation’s highways. The dealer gets his cars quicker…the driver is a happier, safer car hauler and the auction facility as a whole gains the respect of all involved in the auto buying and transportation experience.

I would be willing to share my sources for car pullers…how about you? This is all it would take to get the list started…just chime in and I’ll handle the rest, Mr. Car Hauler.


January 6, 2010 Posted by | Car Haul, General Auto Transport | 2 Comments