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December 25, 2009 - Posted by | General Auto Transport


  1. Carl, I love your truck and the postive image of a professional you gived to our industry. I was the driver of Britt’s green and white Pete hirail (till he went bankrupt). Congrats on the Blue beacon ads and the Super truck card . The Rubber duck Baltimore Md.

    Comment by Jeff Watt | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. Jeff…I appreciate the comment and the equipment flowers.

    I wasn’t aware he (Britt’s) had gone down but I feel for a lot of the small fleets that tried to weather this past storm. I shouldn’t speak of it in the past tense…I know it’s still very uncertain times in our line of work no matter what spin is placed on the economy by the media. I would rather hear good news instead of the doom and gloom constantly but, as you know, we live and work in a business that is a good indicator of the economic forecasts. The sales/manufacturing of automobiles and housing construction in this country are the Magic 8 ball that will tell the tale…for the most part. And in spite of this past week’s slightly upbeat economic reports, there are still serious economic times ahead for this country if I am reading my “indicators” correctly.

    I know you mentioned the “positive” word in your comment above and I’d like to keep it that way as much as possible but I believe the car haul biz hasn’t encountered it’s worst days yet.

    Comment by thetruckist | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  3. I used to sneak a ride in a bubble nosed gmc and sit on a milk crate in the 70’s in the old mans truck. I am the 3rd generation in our family and would love to see the 4th (he’s 11 now) but hope he makes a wiser choice . Over the years from old man Pridemore (shelbyville ky)who got me away from Leaseway and I thank him for it to the days at Britt’s its been a rough ride . I was the one that wrote to the trucker parer over the damaged when delivered art. All I want to do is haul cars and make my Grandpop and my old man proud of me and somebodey keeps sticking something in the spokes trying to stop me. Like I’ve said for a long time anybody can roll up a set of legs even the lil one he’s now 7 but what we do is a art and like you said some make most don’t. As for the Brit’s deal shoot he did that to himself Greed will get you nowhere. However I will haul cars till the day the good Lord prys the bar out my hands. We however need to stay in touch Because if you ever need anything around Baltimore and I can help in any way I’ll be there because that is what a carhauler does for another carhauler. drop a email when you can we will switch numbers me I got a load on and gotta hit good old I 68 and get her kicked off we got a big week coming up and can’t get behind I gotta prove the Zuckerman fans wrong, I do know what I’m doing I was trained I will pass my training on down and I will not damage my cars . Funny I have already in 3 weeks had my dealers ask for me to bring their loads and I can sti them. See what happens when you treat them like you want to be treated. Sorry for the ramble or soulhd I say bramble (thats yours). But I have to gice credit where credit is due to You and Penny and Dave the fool it helps the rest of us remember we not the only ones fighting the battle. truck em safe brother good luck and God bless to you and your from me and mine .

    Comment by Jeff Watt | January 31, 2010 | Reply

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