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Welcome to my “BLAMBLING” !

Since this will resemble my personal space to “ramble” more than a “weblog”, I took it upon myself this rainy Christmas Eve, to fabricate the above word. Maybe in a year or so, it will be an acceptable and frequently used part of American articulation and Mr. Bill O’Reilly will utilize it in his “Word of the Day” segment broadcast on Fox News Channel.  I can hear it already…”When writing to us here at Fox News…don’t be a (ding!)…BLAMBLER!” You’re welcome, Mr. O’Reilly.

I intend to use this blog as an avenue to reach out to others in the automobile transport field and trucking in America today. There are plenty of sources for general freight transporters, flatbedders, reefers, tanker “yankers” and such but not so many car haulin’ blogs. Yeah, a Google for “car hauling blogs” or “auto transport blog” will net you many pages but once you dig in to them, seldom are they much more than a prop for a carrier’s website attempting to direct traffic their way. To be truthful, I am in the biz myself and currently operate a late model full-sized “stinger-steered” Peterbilt hitched to a Cottrell trailer and yes, I do have a small web presence but that is mainly for introduction aid to my existing customers and the referrals they send my way. One man and one horse doesn’t need a lot to keep them busy and a steady base of buyers and exporters keep me hopping. So I say to the car haulers out there, join in and get a piece of this blambling…we may learn something along the way and at the very least, maybe we’ll make some new friends.


December 24, 2009 - Posted by | General Auto Transport

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